Prior to 2017, the Penal Code exonerated perpetrators in cases of rape or sexual assault if the perpetrator married his survivor. This section has since been removed.

The Penal Code criminalizes most serious assaults and outlines grave repercussions for crimes committed against minors, caregivers, or women/girls with disabilities.

Offenders may be prosecuted under the Penal Code for serious assaults. The Penal Code criminalizes acts constituting:

 sexual assault and physical violence

 injury to reputation

 forms of harassment against women in the public sphere (these types of conduct may constitute crimes of abuse, indecent acts, defilement, libel, and slander.)

Penalties for sexual violence vary according to the age of the survivor and the relationship with the perpetrator (e.g., if he is a relative, a caregiver, or a stranger).

Rape in marriage is not a criminal offence.

Stigma and shame cause many crimes related to sexual violence to go underreported or not reported at all.

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