Success Stories

 “I am 44-year-old mother of three kids. I chose to marry my husband even though my family was against it. Throughout the years though, I went through poverty, mistreatment and abuse. My life was unbearable.

I don’t have formal ID, nor paperwork, so I bore the brunt of it for a while.  But when I decided to separate, I struggled finding an apartment given I didn’t have enough to pay for our house, nor enough to feed my children.

Worse, my husband didn’t care.

I reached out to friends of mine who work in the Jordanian Women’s Union Association, who’s legal aid services helped me better understand my rights given my lack of ID or formal paperwork. They helped with the custody and alimony proceedings as well.  I started taking part in their counseling services.

Through their support, I landed a job providing tailoring and design training to other women at one of Jordanian Women’s Union Association’s branches.

It was this that let me finally stand on my own, be reborn almost. I became stronger, independent, and this helped me provide for my kids without asking anyone for help.

I will always stand up for my children and I will always stand for what’s right for us”.


*Name changed to respect anonymity.

#GenderJustice #GenderBasedViolence #GBV #Jordan

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