Success Stories

“I am telling my story so each and everyone can find their way and can unleash their power of hope.”

After four years of failed marriage, I took the decision to divorce and start a new chapter for my two children.

It wasn’t easy, my family was against it entirely and there was a lot of pressure from them. My brother’s support empowered me to reach out to the Jordanian Women’s Union Association, a local organization that offers therapy and legal support services to women like myself. At first, we tried mediation between my husband and I, but after those attempts failed, I decided to go through with the divorce.

I overcame the many obstacles getting in my way after that. I looked for jobs to help me provide for my kids.

 It was aesthetic training courses with Jordanian Women’s Union Association, that allowed me to start working in their aesthetic training center. Step by step, I was able to become financially independent and build a home for my kids.

Today, I’m proud to oversee the Jordanian Women’s Union Association’s aesthetic training center.”


*Name changed to respect anonymity.

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