The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) began operating in January 2016, with the aim of aligning Italy with its principal European and global partners in the endeavour of development. AICS established the Amman office in July 2016, with the aim of implementing international cooperation initiatives to improve people’s living conditions, promote sustainable development and cultural heritage, strengthen democratic institutions and rule of law, as well as sustain post-conflict stabilization with particular attention to the Syria crisis.

Since its establishment, AICS in Jordan contributes to the increasing demand for humanitarian and resilience aid, by implementing projects focused on both the rehabilitation of basic needs and public services, and refugee response.

AICS implements programmes based on the strategic priorities identified under the MoU undersigned between the Italian Government and the Jordanian Government, as follow: sustainable growth through the efficient use of local resources; investing in people and social cohesion; governance. Programmes include innovative projects to support preservation of Cultural Heritage throughout the Country.

In addition, since the worsening of the Syrian conflict in 2012, AICS programmes supported the refugees fleeing Syria and the most vulnerable Jordanian host communities affected by the pressure of the crisis. In 2019, the Italian Cooperation has allocated more than €14,25 million to assist Italian CSOs and International Organizations on the implementation of projects in the sector of Education, Health, Infrastructure, Livelihoods, Food security and Protection.

Since 2018, AICS Amman has also been responsible for implementing international cooperation initiatives in Iraq.

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